Wrapping Up

Hey there blog,

I’m starting to wrap up the semester. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I was sad. We have finals coming up in a few weeks and then it’ll be time to go home.

Last week, Austin, Christy, and I went on a little girls trip to Singapore. It was unreal. It was about an 8 hour flight to Changai Airport. After the flight from Dallas to Sydney (about 17 hours), any flight seems short.

Singapore Airpot

The Singapore airport was unreal. It’s been ranked as the worlds nicest airport and after walking around, you can definitely tell why.

We walked around the city and did all the typical touristy things like going to the Gardens by the Bay and the museum.

Garden by the Bay

On Saturday night, we decided to do a once in a lifetime thing. We booked a room to stay in the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. It’s ranked as one of the most iconic hotels in the world. I’m not sure how many times in this life I’ll get the opportunity to be in Singapore so we thought it would be such a fun memory to have.

Roof Top Pool at Marina Bay Sands

The hotel was lovely and the pool on top is absolutely unreal. It was such an amazing experience and trip. I’m so grateful for all the memories and opportunities I’ve had by studying abroad.

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