Almost Halfway

Bondi Beach
Blue Mountains
Berry Bowls at Bondi

Hello Blog!

Life Down Under is a great as ever. I spent this past weekend in the city with a few of my girlfriends. We went up to the Blue Mountains on Sunday and did some hiking and I won’t lie, I’m pretty sore. The hike from the bottom to the top of Blue Mountains was pretty high, equivalent to about 100 floors.

My classes are interesting, my classmates love asking me questions about life in the states. Next week we have our mid-semester break. It’s two weeks long and I’m getting the opportunity to do some traveling. I’ll be heading to New Zealand on Monday. We’re renting a camper van and exploring the South Island. I can’t wait to share some pictures with everyone. The second week of break we’re hoping to go to Melbourne and drive the Great Ocean Road. 

It’s Fall in Australia and the weather is finally cooling off a little bit (I write this as it’s 90 degrees outside and have both of my fans pointed at me ha ha)  

I can’t believe the semester is already halfway over. I wish I could stay longer. 

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